Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Been a while.

Since, my last update on working on Wargaming stuff, I've moved twice and started working Full-Time again.  Unfortunately, I've not been productive.  I have managed to partially assemble one 40K drop-pod, with the intention of making it an Imperial Fist Drop-Pod.  I've actually come close to mastering my yellow recipe.  Partially assembled, not even primed.

When I was still in Virginia, I had the intention to get a 40K force built, painted, and fielded.  Now, I'm in rural Tennessee and there's no nearby gaming community, so I'm quite rapidly losing interest in my meager beginnings of the IF army; and switching back to simply buying models I find interesting to paint.  For you 40k'ers on here, here is my pre build WIP's on the drop pod. 

Amazing, huh?  Ok, so a little lackluster.  I've found my way to the Soda Pop Miniatures Forums.  A year ago I painted the Super Dungeon Explore Dwarf and Human Mage.  Here's a link to my entry on their forums.  My goals with painting, which I need to practice, is to get better with thinning paints and smoother transitions.  I plan on picking up some more of the SDE in the near future.  They catch my eye b/c they make we want to paint bright colors and not so realistic as the Space Marines or Warmachine minis I usually work on.

On a side note, I did pre-order some Knight Models Batman figures for the new game Arkham City from Fantization.  I'm a sucker for Batman...well, the more "dark" Batman and not the original Batman, even though they're all cool.  I pre-ordered the whole set, and should get them in a couple of weeks.  Then look at them for a couple of months, then blog on why I haven't done anything.  Thanks for looking, and maybe I'll post much sooner than later.