Thursday, May 24, 2012

Retribution Progress

Taking the suggestion from a couple of folks on the Privateer Press forums, I'm matching the hilt with the cloak and the shoulder pad (P3 Cryx Bane Highlight) Also need to figure out a highlight color for it too.  I began to feel that a bone-like sword was out of place on such an otherwordly figure and am going to go with a black sword (P3 Thamar Black).  I've never attempted NMM or anything similar, but I was thinking of attempting a NMM technique on the blade in a similar style to this video, but without using an airbrush.  Updated pics below, thanks for looking.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More on Retribution of Scyrah.

So, I've started going back over the armor plates with the Ice Blue to bring it back to a cool whitish/blue.  I'll go back and touch-up the shading a bit too with the Asurmen Blue, just to make sure those lines have depth between plates.  The cloak, part of the shield on the arm, and "face" are base coated in P3 Cryx Bane Highlight.  The sword, I've decided to attempt a bone white look.  Don't know if it'll look right, but man oh man, I'd like to have that sword transparent/clear to look like an ice blade or something.  Right now it's based in RMS Golden Blonde.  Enjoy the update.

I wonder how a black hilt would look on that sword when done?

Retribution of Scyrah alt. scheme.

For some reason, I like starting projects...and taking forever to never finish them.  Either way, I still have Imperial Fists on the table, Cygnar on the table, Protectorate of Menoth in the closet, and for kicks I started on this Retribution of Scyrah Dawnguard Scytr.

Primed with P3 white spray primer.  There are a couple of mold lines I didn't get cleaned up as nice as I should, but this is a "junk" mini.  One that'll I'll probably trade later on, unless I really like how it turns out, then maybe I'll build a RoS force too.  I'm just hobby ADD.  After the primer, I coated the entire model with Reaper Pro Paint Ice blue (discontinued.)  I didn't want to go white on this, just because I'm a sucker for good alternative schemes, but I wanted to keep with the clean "otherworldly" look to the model.  After the base coat, I really really thinned down Citadel's Asurmen Blue wash with some Vallejo Glaze medium.  I wanted to keep this really pale blue.  Next step is to go back with the Ice Blue and bring back the "closer to white" feel of the base coat, I haven't figured out my highlight color yet, so I don't know how I'll proceed.  I'm also working on secondary color, the glowy rune color, and the sword color.  I'm thinking of a mid-tone gray for secondary color, somewhere in the realm of Cryx bane highlight; keeping the runes right around Asurmen Blue b/c object source lighting/glow has not been developed in my bag of tricks yet; and maybe a bone color for the blade.  What're your thoughts?  (The 15 some-odd folks who view this.)  Constructive feedback is always welcome.  Thanks for viewing.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Warmachine Cygnar Alt. Scheme.

Essentially, this is more of a teaser too, but a WIP nonetheless.  Starting off here is my Lancer's shield.
If I could take better pics, you'd have one, but I can't, so you don't.  I primered this with black could be an old incarnation of GW's spray primer, or Krylon, or even Armory...don't recall and I own all of them and feel they all do the job.   My primary color is the buff/tan color.  I'm using RMS triad that includes Tanned Leather, Amber Gold, and Golden Blonde.  The blonde is too light for what I'm going for and my skill level isn't up to utilizing the triads properly.  So, the base is the Amber Gold, and I thinned the Tanned Leather down and put it on the lower portions of each section...not to too much positive effect.  Then I washed it down with some Devlan Mud, retouched the paint, and did a wash of Ogryn Flesh.  I liked the reddish tones.  A more simpler way to get this would be to simply paint the Amber Gold on, wash with Ogryn Flesh, and then touch-up.

I wanted a "muted" blue instead of the bright blue so I turned to the RMS triad that has Worn Navy, Soft Blue, and Heather Blue.  This time I felt the Worn Navy was too dark, so I did a base of Soft blue, and highlighted repeatedly with the Heather Blue.  I like it.  No Golden Demons will be won, but I'm extremely happy with the end result; and plan to push myself further.

Lastly, the metals are copper.  I just like that dull copper look.  So the trim is based in Vallejo Model Air copper.  (Does anyone else have to shake the hell out of Vallejo paints?  I'm thinking of getting the Game Color case, but I'm not too keen on vast amounts of shaking...or should I go with the P3's...I really like them too, but they're not in dropper bottles...and I can't afford the entire set of RMS's.)  Ok, where was I?  Yes, base VMA Copper, then wash with Devlan Mud, then extreme highlight with Reaper Pro Paint Copper (Discontinued).  RPP's copper is the fresh from Williams and Sonoma copper pot bright.  The rivets are RPP pewter, with a dot of GW's Mithril Silver.  (Yes, I painted it with the last line of Citadel's not the new one, and I haven't a clue to what the new name is for it yet.)  At the very bottom is a jewel, and you can't tell the color, but I used RPP Mint Green, slapped some GW Thraka Green on it, then touched it back up, and placed a dot of RPP Pearl White on it, then called it done.

That's just the shield, and I hope that I can replicate this on a full scale model.  Speaking of full model, here is a teaser pic of my Charger(?)  This is the classic pewter model that came in the first round of battlegroup boxes.  As of right now it is spray primered black, with a touch up here and there with RMS brush-on black primer.  And I'm working on a base coat of RMS Amber Gold.  Enjoy.  Comments, and constructive feedback is more than welcome.


All right, so I finally ordered TAP's Daemonic Yellow warpaint to go back and touch up where I felt my RMS yellow were too much of a difference in color.  Still waiting for it to come in.  Either way, here's a couple of pics of my captain's head.  I attempted to give him "the people's eyebrow" like The Rock does.  Meh, mixed results, I might touch up that brow, might not.  I'm good with it though.  As always,  comments and constructive feedback are always welcome.

So his flesh is Reaper Pro Paint Hill Giant Brown (discontinued...and I need some more flesh tones.)  I then applied Vallejo's Game Ink Skin Wash in the recesses, and used it to make his eyebrow.  Come to think of it, I need to change his eyebrow to the same color as his hair.  I tried to give his head the stubble/shaved look by thinning down RPP Dove Gray (discontinued) and apply it thinly, then wash over it with a thinned down Hill Giant Brown.  In theory this works, my skill level, not so much up to the theory, but I'm improving and pleased with the results.  Not much of an update, especially after two months, but I never promised to get this thing done quickly.