Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wash, round one.

I used Ogryn Flesh from GW for the wash.  Devlan Mud was a bit too brown, and I wanted something that wouldn't tone down the brightness of the yellow.  I attempted to water it down a bit and instead of slopping that junk all over the place, I wanted to control it a bit more.  Limited time, toddler woke up, and I started slopping all over.  I'm "meh" on the results.  I want these Fists to be "HOLY CRAP I'M BLINDED" bright.  I think I have a yellow that matches the primer pretty decently...if not, then I'll bide my time and get the pot from TAP when they drop their line of paints out.  In the meantime, I'll see how this dries up, thicken up the recesses a bit, then go about bringing the yellow back to bright, highlight and go from there.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Imperial Fists?

For years, and I mean for years, I've wanted to actually create a force and learn how to wargame.  I've painted sporadically for a long time and that is where my interest lies, but I've thought I'd actually attempt to field a force.  I have some Cygnar Warmaching models that I'm glacial at painting, and I've decided I would attempt a Space Marine 1500pt force.  I'm going with the Sample Drop Pod force found on GW's website.  So starting out here's two random Space Marines that I'm "practicing" on to get the technique somewhat down.  Unfortunately, they are those that have been primed and stripped multiple times, therefore they may have lost some detail.  Also, I'm working on my Camera-Fu, so, hopefully that'll improve as it goes too.  Without further ado, these have been primed with The Army Painter's Daemonic Yellow; and I'll post pics as I go with this WIP.  This is my first use of TAP's color primers and while I love the color, I'm not sold on it yet.  It's slightly runny and had a difficult time covering other primers as well as it pooled a bit obscuring some detail.  I know, I know, it's yellow, but I don't have this problem with white spray primers I've used in the past...the runny/too thin part, that is.  I've used GW, P3, The Armory, and Krylon.  Practice'll make perfect though, I hope.

Turns out, I should've been a bit more patient. Thin and multiple coats works well.  Right now, this is one model, the other is taking a bath in Simple Green.  I'll have it's primered pic up by Friday hopefully.  I think I'm sold on The Army Painter's Primers.  Those of you who know, this marine has a jump pack, las-pistol, chain sword, and what's with the beak-like helmet?  Am I correct in this?  (Really need to get a codex....