Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bad Habits die hard.

Ok, so Meeker over at Stony Point Refugees turned me onto Vallejo's Glaze medium, and to put it appropriately and family friendly this stuff is the bee's knees. As the title suggests though, bad habits die hard.  I'm historically a "paint from the pot" kind of fella, and well, as I'm getting slightly more confident and trying to evolve my painting and my supplies, this just doesn't work anymore.  Take example 1...his head:

I spent some time on his skin.  Put down a layer of GW Dwarf Flesh, too rosy.  Then placed the, now discontinued, Reaper Pro Paints Hill Giant Brown down.  Quite satisfied, but I wanted his noggin' stubbly instead of bald, so I did all this crap with trying to lightly put some RPP granite on his head, then do some more Hill Giant Brown...I didn't want it to look like I just painted hair on his head.  (You can still see some of the effect on the second picture.)  Then, let me put some Vallejo Ink flesh wash on that head straight from the bottle.  And that's what I got, I knew this is how it would end, I honestly did.  So, I'm waiting for the Ink to dry, then slap some Hill Giant Brown back on him, granite, then thin that ink down.  I just want it in the dips and crevasses.  Then, I'll highlight, paint some eyes, paint those studs on his forehead and give you some more pics.  Thanks for viewing, comments welcome, criticisms welcome too, as long as they're constructive.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Didn't like how it was going so I dumped him in the Simple Green.  Picked up the awesome looking captain with a power fist too from a local gamer, check out his blog Here.  Long story short:  The Army Painter Daemonic Yellow again, then Vallejo's Sepia wash mixed with some Vallejo's glazing medium.  On the Marine, I used two drops of wash with one drop of medium.  For the captain, 2 wash to three medium and I was a bit more slap happy with the medium.  My next step I'm going to do is touch up the armor with my "base" yellow, which is Reaper Master Series 09008, Sun Yellow.  It's a bit lighter than the Primer, so it's sorta my base/first highlight.  We'll see how it goes.  Let me know your thoughts and ideas.  Thanks.