Knight Models: Batman-Arkham City 28mm Batman WIP and complete.

This one is for me.  I'm more of the Batman fan than my co-worker and friend.  So, if he has Superman on his desk, I'm going to have Batman. 

First up packaging:

All the pieces pre-assembly and post assembly.  In a small step to improve my basing, I picked up Wyrd Miniatures 30 mm Sewer Base inserts, which I thought were pretty cool.

 I primed with RMS brush-on Black Primer.  (This is one of those times where I wish I would've painted first, assembled later…there's a lot of tiny crevices that'll be tough to paint without touching somewhere else.)

Beginnings of base coating:

The face is RMS Rosy Shadow, washed with Vallejo Game Color Ink:  Sepia Shade.  Touched up with the Rosy Shadow, then bit of highlighting with RMS Rosy Flesh.  The gray is a nameless color sample of RMS paints I received.  A pic of the bottle is in my Man of Steel WIP.  The base coat of the cloak is RMS Midnight Blue.

A couple more coats of RMS Midnight Blue alternating with washes of Secret Weapon's Blue Black.  I also washed the gray down with Blue-Black.  I wanted that gray a bit darker, but not with a pure black wash.  Boots, gloves, chest emblem, and the batarang all painted with RMS Adamantium Black with a wash of P3's armor wash.  Now, I know that I could touch up some points on the armor with a brighter metallic, but at this time I feel that Citadel's Mithril Silver is "too much."  Also, it's the only brighter metallic I have…I can't do NMM (yet), and it's one of those things where at this point I'd mess it up and I'm quite happy with the results right now.  All of that yielded me this:

Note:  I did my first attempt at real green stuffing the gap at his waist, and smoothing it over with some LGS.  Semi-fail.  No gap, but not smooth around the crotchal region.  I'm also working on my motivation at really being comfortable with the filing, and green stuffing during prep phase.  I just don't like doing it, so I haven't pushed myself to do it well.

Starting on the base, I painted the metal RMS rust Brown, then stippled Reaper Pro Paint Pewter.  Gave it a wash of Citadel Gryphonne Sepia, Leviathan Purple, Thraka Green, then VGC Game Ink Black.

See these?

Included in this selection of Secret Weapon Miniatures Products includes Rust Orange, Rust Red, Rust Brown, and Pigment Fixer.  Yeah, didn't have the guts to use them after I touched some up parts of the base with paint.  So I left the rust look as paint without SWM's awesome pigments…maybe next time.

I finished up the base with some "toxic goo."  This is a simple VGC Scorpion Green, washed with Citadel Thraka Green, highlighted up with Scorpion Green, and a light dry brush of VGC Livery Green.  All that's left is to put a couple of coats of Gloss Varnish on the goo to keep it looking wet and slimy, and a brush on of RMS Sealer/Varnish.

Finished product, thanks for looking.