Super Dungeon Explorer: Princess Ruby WIP and Final

Next on the shelf is a SDE Princess Ruby.  Packaging:

This is a one piece metal model, looks a lot like Princess Peach from Super Mario.  I put a Secret Weapon Miniatures Base on her.

Starting with the painting:

Primed with Reaper Master Series brush-on white.  Skin tone is a build-up layer with the Fair Skin Triad.  I did a build-up from Fair Shadow to Fair Skin to Fair Highlight.  I wanted a "rosy" look to her cheeks so I thinned up RMS Pale Violet Red, and stumbled through an application/removal process with a wet-brush.  I think I might have accidentally did some real wet-blending out of that.  Also used the RMS Pale Violet Red (pure) to paint a tongue in her mouth, but your can't see that because of the shadow cast from my lamp.

The eyes were based in RMS pure white.  Painted in the entire Iris with RMS Marine Teal.  Then used P3 Thamar Black to outline the iris, put a pupil in, then used the Pure White again to add the reflection dot.  I'm quite happy with the outcome on the eyes, but thinking thinner paint on the skin would've smoothed it up a bit more.  To give a little more pop to the eyes, I thinned Vallejo Game Ink Black with Glaze medium that gave the transition line between skin and that I could improve upon.

Now with some base-coating finished, with a little depth/highlighting on her dress.  Her hair is base coated with RMS Tanned leather, its the "shade" part of the Amber Gold and Golden Blonde triad.  The dress, I used old Reaper Pro Paints satins/metallics.  (That accounts for most of the gloss look of her dress.)  Base coated in RPP Coral and then shaded with RPP Rose Petal.

A little more work with the dress.  I ended up putting a wash of Citadel Baal Red on there to deepen the shadows and was quite pleased.  The shadows are a bit exaggerated with the natural shadows as a result of my poor lighting.  I think I'll put some silver on the filigree of her dress to make that design pop a little more.  Her hair, since I felt the Baal Red wash result was favorable, ended up getting a wash only in the recesses of Citadel Gryphonne Sepia.  Turned out nice, I think, and I pulled the highlights up with the RMS Golden Blonde.  I'm seeing where I'm improving with my skills.  I'm not at the level I desire to be, but I'm moving along.

I essentially lost motivation on her and slowed down a bit on completing new things.  I painted the ball thingies in her hair with RMS sparkling amethyst to keep going with the metallic theme, but have no idea how to give it any depth.  So I washed them with Leviathan Purple and called them done.  Her golden crown was painted with Citadel Shining Gold and washed with Citadel Devlan Mud.  The base was painted up with the two RMS gray samples I received from Reaper with some orders, washed with Secret Weapon Miniature's Cool Gray, then washed again with Citadel Badab Black.  I did one flagstone with P3's Hammerfall Khaki, washed with Devlan Mud.  I still need to work on thinning my paints more to get a smoother application onto the model, but overall I can tell my skill is improving…it's becoming easier to put what's in my head down on the model.  More and more practice and then pushing myself with technique will get me set.  Final pictures and moving onto the next model: